Can Eating Sugar Add to our Chances of Developing Dementia?

Can eating sugar add to our chances of developing dementia? I found this article that might be of some interest. It states that eating a lot of sugar through our lives can indeed add to the chances that we will develop dementia later in life. If that’s the case, we all are in trouble, myself being at the top of the list. I no longer overdose on sugar as I am diabetic at all of 100 lbs. but none-the-less, sugar was a large part of my life at one time.

My mother also loved her sweets as she came from a family who had baked goods in the house at all times. Her mother, my grandmother, baked on a daily basis, making the best chocolate chips that I have ever had. Oddly enough, after she passed away, I kept one of her chocolate chip cookies and still have it to this day…I know, just crazy, but she was known for them….a memory. Both my grandmother and grandfather and anyone who came to the house would have access to cakes, cupcakes and all sorts of cookies, especially around the holidays. After dinner at night, they would often offer a bowl of ice cream along with it and of course, with a cherry on top.

I’m not sure if they knew it would be bad for us in the long term, it was just their way from their generation. It was what they did back then as the women didn’t go to work as in today’s world, they stayed home and prepared the meals, kept the house and took care of the kids. It was a simpler way of life… Where did that way of life go? I believe that if they had known what we know now about health, they wouldn’t have over indulged in sweets but would have consumed it in moderation. If you look at photos from your family back then, you will see that most people had large waistlines as they grew older. I know all of them from back then in my family photos are overweight such as the photos posted. Even so, they all seemed to have lived to a ripe old age. Did they develop diabetes…would they have even known back then? Makes you wonder…

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