Who Knows Where Life Will Take Us…

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So who knows where life will take us… there are many beliefs and sometimes I have the belief of the predestined and at other times the crap shoot theory. There are the cards we are dealt and the roads we have chosen to travel, some with the possibilities of greatness and others surrounded with tragedy and heartache. How do we know which road to take…I don’t know, but I can tell you this…I am very aware the product of my life come both from my “hand dealt” in life and some very unwise choices…not so different than a lot of us. Not that all of my choices have been bad, but I have come to realize that the ability to make good choices in life can often be a product of how you grew up or should I say how you define your growing up experience.

That being said, looking back at some of these old photos makes me wonder what things could have been if different roads were taken. Pictured above, a 3 month old baby with a lifetime ahead of her, a 4 year old girl looking very promising. Happy, healthy, clean and taken care of…so what the heck happened? Was it that my mother had OCD and found it hard to be nurturing or that my father was a large child not getting too involved in anything other than his buddies? Was it because they never should have gotten married to begin with or can I look at it in the sense that everything happens for a reason, and in this case I was meant to be born? I do believe that theory now that I hear myself say it. I think that we are all meant to be here, for whatever reason, sometimes never understanding our purpose although searching for the rest of our lives. That doesn’t mean that our parents were meant to be married forever, but it just might mean that they were meant to have that brief time together so that I could be here. Maybe that was “their” purpose for that time period. I could ponder it for hours, days and years to come and never figure it out but it’s the way I have chosen to think about it.

Who knows where life will take us and what paths we will travel…my advise is to Follow the Yellow Brick Road…like the Good Witch told Dorothy,
“It’s always been right here”

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