Why the Heck am I doing this Blog?


Edvard Munch-1931 The Scream

Some of you might be wondering why the heck I’ve chosen to start this blog in the first place. Well, I guess I wanted an outlet for my feelings besides a written journal. A place where I could possibly share my thoughts, dreams and questions in life. Maybe my experiences with my mother’s dementia could help others going through the same thing deal with their own issues. Caretakers of dementia patients suffer their own pains and especially if they are dealing with a family member.

Most of us have to work in order to have a roof over our heads and food on the table, which puts the sick person into the system in order to get the help they need while the caretaker goes to work. Having to do that leads to a whole other set of stresses, overwhelming the caretaker even further. It’s not like the caretaker can just quit because it’s too hard or they want their life back and they don’t want to do this job anymore. It’s way more complicated than that, it’s a family member, not a corporation. It’s our moral duty to help them through until it becomes medically and physically impossible.

We come from a throw-away society but you can’t throw this one away, and it can be extremely difficult. Sometimes, it’s just nice to know that there are others out there to share with.

I hope that this blog is doing that for you. It’s therapeutic for me!

2 thoughts on “Why the Heck am I doing this Blog?

    • Hi,

      I wanted to reply to your post. Sorry it took so long as I was in the hospital last week for a surgery.

      In answer to your question, yes, Mom is still with me. She presents a challenge everyday but we are coping. I hope that my blog can help others facing the same situation as myself. We baby boomers seem to be dealing with the dementia dilemma more than the past generations.

      Thank you for you comment,

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